Marvin Jones for Josh Allen?

The guy who has Allen has Watson starting and also has only 3 WRs on his roster which consists of Golladay, Sutton, and Keenan. I feel like he is in desperate need at WR lol would this be an okay trade for me? I only have Stafford at QB.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Josh Allen hype and Andy is projecting him being MVP lol I kind of want to try to ride that

I don’t think you need to roster 2 QBs unless this is a 2QB/Superflex league. Should be plenty of options available on the waiver wire on a weekly basis. I would hang onto Jones. It’s not a terrible move but I typically don’t like trading RBs or WRs for a QB in a single QB league

Yeah that’s true but everyone else has 2 QBs so the waivers aren’t that great. Trubisky, Rivers, Carr, Tyrod, Darnold, and Bridgewater are the only guys left.

I don’t hate it, especially since you have 4 great WRs.

Yeah. I would just try and deal for something else on his roster but besides his two QBs and those 3 WRs he has David Johnson and CMC. CMC is the only one I’d be interested in but I know I wouldn’t be able to make deal that would make sense for me with that