Marvin Jones for Landry + Kerryon/Ito?

Standard scoring, team below. Is Marvin Jones for Landry and either Ito or Kerryon a fair return? I look to have lost Green for a while at least and Landry has a floor but the ceiling hasn’t really been there but Jones Jr with Tate gone now he’s getting targets offers much more ceiling than Landry could week to week.

I hate to give an RB for a WR in standard but looking at my roster i don’t know if this is actually a bad deal to look into for me? I can grab a guy like Josh Adams of waivers for my stash RB and based on the time share and schedule is it time to sell Kerryon now this three headed RBBC isn’t going away?

Both rosters below as you can see he’s very RB poor, i’m wondering if getting Freeman back here in a two for two is worth while as well for ROS?

My team:
QB - Cam
RBs - Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Kerryon, Cohen, Ito,
WRs - OBJ, Green, Landry, Allen,
TE - Ertz
K / DST - Bailey / Jags and Cowboys (WK 9 Stream)

His team:
QB - Watson / Smith
RBs - Henry, Freeman, Clement, Hines
WRs - DJax, Marvin Jones, Hogan, Tre’Quan
TE - Ebron / Watson
K / DST - Lambo / Chiefs and Steelers

Any thoughts or suggestions at all?

giving way too much for marvin jones imo, landry is better, cle offense will continue to be better like yeserday, and yes marvin jones will be good ROS but he will be facing #1 cb coverage while golladay likely doesnt, and i think golladay will be the guy there in detroit. i wouldnt even trade landry for jones 1-for-1 honestly.

Appreciate the reply bud, it does feel risky and i know Landry is getting volume but he’s been pretty lacklustre in standard with it, thinking that Green could be out until fantasy playoffs by the sounds of things so leaning heavily on Allen, OBJ and Landry for WR production though Allen’s game yesterday looks like he could be getting into form now.

On another note, would you trade any of my guys for Ingram? Ingram owners roster is below, he’s hurting at RB and i don’t know if he’d give up Kupp in a similar 2 for 1 and i don’t want to overpay too much - whats a fair deal here based on the rosters in your view?
His team
QB - Brady / Rivers
RBs - Ingram, Chubb, Fournette
WRs - Kupp, Goodwin, John Brown, Gordon, Tate, Tyrell Williams, Lockett
TE - Reed
K / DST - Butker / Ravens

Not for me, this is definitely an overpay for Jones.

I’m not very high on Ingram right now. Kupp is probably ahead of Landry but certainly not by Johnson. As you want away from Landry, I’d throw Ito in. He’s never seeing your starting lineup and will cover Chubbs bye in wk11

Do you think someone will want that many shares of the Browns offense?

Yeah was torn between Ito and Kerryon as a throw in, i think Kupp is an upgrade over Landry for sure i guess Kerryon has a tough schedule until weeks 14 and 15 and Ito only has week 15 as a plus matchup to even be considered as a flex. I’ll keep Landry if i have too but he’s just not getting the points to target ration you want in a standard format… plus getting a piece of the Rams or Chiefs offense is the way to win this year i think.

@UpsettiSpaghetti not sure I’ll see what feedback i get, i mean if you are having shares Chubb, Landry and Njoku are the only ones you’d want really. Maybe Duke if he carries on getting involved

I’m certainly not against shopping Landry, but I’d also be ok with holding as a flex option if you get no takers.

I’d personally rather own Kerryon than Smith RoS.

Okay this sounds about right to me as well. Will try and package Ito off a good game and Landry for Kupp and see what happens from there. As I’m through the bye week chaos for my team now i get my choice of flex starts based on matchup again especially with Cook hopefully back in the mix and healthy from week 11 so will just rotate accordingly if i have to hold Landry, if nothing else he’s good for around 5-6 standard points most weeks as a baseline which is useable

Completely agree here. Landry has plenty of targets and is surely good for 2-3 more TDs.

Also i may be losing Green for the season based on the latest news, so i don’t mind doing a two for one to upgrade my WR core overall but selling off too much depth at this stage of the season isn’t smart. Roster is built for 2-1 trades but i only like doing one or two a season as an injury or two can take you from loaded with depth to scraping the waiver wire late in season just like that