Marvin jones for matt ryan or big ben

a panicked wilson owner here, i think i’m done with him, i still have diggs d adams and doug baldwin so i’m still good on receivers. would you do this deal? owner would give me big ben who would you rather have big ben or matt ryan ros?

Matt Ryan honestly. If someone is out there trading Matt Ryan for Marvin Jones, I have hope because I have Wilson AND Jones.

wilson has been a huge bust maybe baldwin saves him but i doubt it.

I’d probably try and sell him off of that. Baldwin’s return. Mike Davis being a pass catching back could help him. Etc.

Okay, so I took your post a little too literally and traded both Wilson AND Jones for Matt Ryan…LOL

Haha that’s a lot to give up for a qb, but Ryan should be elite the ros. I finalized jones for Ryan today I don’t trust Big Ben

I guess I just wanted it to be the other guy’s problem. I shouldn’t have given up THAT much but I’m trying to manufacture wins since im 1-3.

I don’t trade skilled players for QBs who aren’t every week starters. Personally I’m not doing this trade. Jones is still the deep threat and top red zone target on a team that passes more than everyone in the league.

Also I do think that Russell Wilson recovers. Finally has baldwin back and he is literally the only player on that offense worth anything. Pretty sure he started off slowly last year too and than exploded late in the season. I’m fine with sticking with him for a couple more weeks.

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When you’re 1-3 you can’t wait on Wilson to get it together you have to salvage the season now. I kept Wilson for that late season push but for now he needs to sit. Jones is a low end wr2/flex play which I can give away he’ll never start for me.

I’m just saying its Baldwin’s first week back. And wilson finally has some plus matches coming up against teams that put up a tonne of points and have weaker passing defenses. Part of the problem up until now is not only did he face some of the leagues top D’s in Dallas, chicago, denver in 3 of 4 weeks, all of the teams he faced also have shitty offenses that cant score. In the only matchup where the other team put up points (DEN), he actually pretty good. His next matchups should produce for him in fantasy and now with baldwin back in his 2nd week:

Rams: Secondary just got shredded by cousins cause they aren’t healthy and rams score a tonne so wilson going to have to toss like 50+ times
Oakland: YOu just saw what baker did
Detroit: No explanation needed
Chargers: Thier D sucks without bosa
Rams x2: Same as above.

I’m actually very comfortable starting wilson in every single one of the matchups and definitely am not trading for ryan or ben. Outside of this next week matchup for ryan/Ben, Wilson’s slate is more preferable to me.

We know what wilson can do. We saw it, he’s an elite QB and can produce elite fantasy points. He just needs the other teams to step up and score which all of the above can do. Think back last year to the Hou game. You don’t have to wait for him untl playoffs like you’re suggesting. He will start producing right now.

Just recommend you hold and play him for a couple more weeks before slapping him with the bad QB label.

its a prove it time for him this next week. if he improves i may slide him back in. but to not have a backup plan for him after a quarter of the season is not wise especially as qbs on the waivers are getting thinner. ryans defense is horrible he’ll be chucking the ball all season long he’s a great pickup and will probably be better ros

To each their own. If you’re in a league where everyone rosters 2 QBs, then go for it. I personally never do cause waivers are too, i’ll let someone else waste a roster slot and if there’s even like 5-6 people who aren’t rostering 2 QBs, there will be enough on the waivers for me to stream.

Just saying don’t be shocked when Wilson returns to form and is a top 3 QB for the next 5 weeks and ROS.

I wouldn’t be that’s why I risked early draft capital on him in the first place. And literally everyone has 2 QBs the Ryan owner actually had 3 it really irritates me but everyone sees to do it still.