Marvin Jones or Dion Lewis Full PPR

Who do you pick?

Jones vs GB
Lewis vs BUF

I’m really tempted to say Lewis since he’s not really restricted by the situation. If they’re behind, he’ll get a lot of dumpdowns, if they’re ahead, he’ll get a number of carries against a terrible run D. That said, I do think Marvin Jones has a higher floor. So I’d say it depends on whether you think you need the highest ceiling, Lewis, or highest floor, Jones.

Interesting you think Lewis has a higher ceiling. I’m leaning Jones because I agree that they at least have equal floors. I go Jones because I think he has a higher ceiling since he could catch a 50 yard td pass from Stafford for an instant 12 point boost

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True, but that’s usually around the ceiling of his stat line. His most points are 17 with his usage dropping, so you’re banking on that one throw to give him a pretty good game. Dion Lewis, on the other hand, has a 20 point game under his belt and is facing a far easier defense. He’s getting good targets and I could also see him getting more carries in this game against a bad bills run D. The only big worry I have with him is if this is a Derrick Henry relevancy game. But, mainly, I think he’s in line for a really good game, whereas, I worried about how Jones usage has been dropping. I’m not going to guarantee anything about either of these guys, and they are close, but I’d probably go for Lewis if I was reaching for maximum points.