Marvin Jones or Djax?

.5 ppr- I know going after points isn’t always a good thing but Marvin Jones is on waivers. Drop Djax for him?
Wrs- Godwin, Golladay, Djax, M. Williams


With Golladay on your roster I would stay put with DJax. Marvin will become a bench clog because you’ll never want to play both in the same week. (see below)

DJax could be a big piece of the Eagles offense since he can catch downfield balls (unlike Agholor).

Keep D Jax. He’s the #1 target when he comes back. Jones will never do what he did last week again this year. If you are going to drop anyone, drop Mike Williams.

Since you have Kenny G, I would look more at someone like Corey Davis to take Mike Williams’ place.

I think we’ve waited enough on DJax so I’d be fine moving on. Not that you’re expecting this from Marvin every wk, but he and DJax are similar in fantasy value and Jones is healthy w/ more juicy matchups on the horizon. I’d do it, and I’d be starting both Kenny G and Marvin this wk

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