Marvin Jones Vs Kenny G

Which one is better ROS in a .5 ppr format

curious here too, looking at packaging Jones in a on a trade where i would get him and OJ

Yeah just made an offer for Kenny G myself.

i think they both have increased value moving forward. i guess it comes down too who is gonna get some of those slot routes that just disappeared,

i know they have TJ Jones, who killed it in preseason and got a ton of hype from Tate on his abilities, no clue how much he will dig in while taking over for tate. Stafford just was not hitting those slot routes as much this season as in the past.

actually Brandon Powell was the one to kill it in preseason

Brandon Powell 16/103
TJ Jones 5 /40

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ahh damn, my bad, been digging in to stats today and got em confused. thanks for clearing it up.

concept still applies, different WR tho

I only know cause I picked up powell this morning :wink:

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im looking to take the flyer in my 12 man league, but the standard scoring slaps that slot route wr in the face.

yea true… He also had a 80 yard return TD… He might double in special teams

I’m looking at both too but in a standard league

I went powell because. He is 22 and a speedster. Small so limits him to the slot but he was already training under Tate.

TJ is 26