Marvin Jones vs Lamar Miller

10 team non-ppr league. 6 keepers per team.
Currently have OBJ, David Johnson, Gronk, Joe Mixon, Amari Cooper as 5 keepers.

Marvin Jones or Lamar Miller as my 6th keeper?

I’d probably say Jones right now since Foreman should be back in the mix once he comes off the PUP…

Take Miller. The above statement has no grounds.

First of all, foreman wasn’t even that good. He flashed for 1 game and got injurred and people got a hard on for him.

Second of all, he ruptured his achilles. RBs don’t come back from that injury.

Miller is the lead back and there is no competition. That offense is going to score. Miller was a top 10 RB with Watson on the field last year.

I like Jones but starting DJ/Mixon/Miller is a lethal combo. Then add OBJ/Cooper/Gronk on top of that, you’re team is incredibly stacked.


There’s a good chance that Mixon will not be all he’s cracked up to be - Miller was awesome last year when Watson was healthy. I’d keep Miller and let those other idiots fight to draft Mixon. Hell, you might even get to draft him again…

I have the 3rd pick in the draft. Obviously Barkley is going 1, but who should I target at 3? I’m thinking about taking Royce Freeman, but Marvin Jones, and either Derrick Henry or Jerrick Mckinnon will be available in the draft as well. also have to keep who goes 2nd in mind.

pass on henry, pass on mckinnon. There must be other choices than those though right? But if not, I’m fine with taking rolls royce. I wasn’t that high him before, but I can’t be too fixated in my ways. He is clearly the best back and win out that job by early on in the season and yield himself 15+ touches a game.

each team keeps 6 players, so 60 players are already going to be on rosters, so those would be the top options at the start of the deaft

That makes sense. If that’s the case:

I would be happy taking Freeman over all of those others you listed.

Marvin Jones makes more sense to me.