Marvin/Kelley for Hunt?

Full PPR – do you think this is a good trade? Thanks in advance.

bumping this with additional info

My other RBs are Zeke, A Jones, Mostert (whenever he comes back) and Pollard. My other WRs are A Robinson, McLaurin, Gallup and Beasley.

Was thinking getting Hunt could free me up to maybe trade Mostert for a better grade WR. Only WR his team has I might be interested in would be Kupp so most likely I’d shop Mostert elsewhere.

Marvin as in Marvin Jones the Detroit WR and Josh Kelley the backup RB for the chargers?

I’m a Hunt owner and i’d say hell no if you offered me that. That being said, if that offer is on the table aboslutely mash accept because it’s completely lopsided in your favor. Hunt has proven he has legitmate RB2 volume and should continue to do so in a run-heavy offense. Marvin Jones is boom/bust and Chargers will still favor Eckler > Kelley most weeks


Thanks, I didn’t think it was that lopsided – I (perhaps mistakenly) used the trade value chart at another major sports website (don’t know if I’m allowed to mention other sites here so I won’t) and when I looked, the combined value of Jones and Kelley were actually greater than Hunt alone (though not by much). So that planted the idea in my head that it was a pretty fair deal. Maybe I shouldn’t use that source as a metric going forward. lol

What those sites don’t account for is consistency. Hunt, as he is right now, can safely be plugged into a lineup as an RB2 or Flex and produce the numbers you expect/need from. In a league where RB’s are a premium due to the scarcity of the position, that ups his value even more, combined with the amount of injuries that have happened so far this year and people will be licking there chops to get a crack at Hunt.

Jones on the other hand, is a completely boom or bust player. You don’t feel great plugging him in as a flex as you don’t know what you’re going to get from him, and even worse as a WR2. If he’s your WR2 your team is likely in rough shape. Kelly, while his value may increase as the season goes on, is not in a position right now where he provides you with weekly value. You can’t plug him into your RB2 slot and feel good about it, and right now i wouldn’t even plug him into a flex until he shows that every-week consistency.

For Hunt i would expect a solid WR2 value, such as a Evans, Woods, Moore, Kupp, Mclaurin, Chark etc. Or a package that would build depth where i think i’m weakest.

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