Mason Rudolph SF FAAB Price

I’m in a 10 team SF. This is our first year and rosters are currently 25 spots so Rudolph is available. I have L Jackson, Stafford, Mariota, D Jones, and D Haskins at QB. There are several QB-needy teams and I’d love to pick him up and flip him. How much FAAB would you spend?

QB needy teams are probably going to be spending 25-50% of their FAAB on a ROS startable QB. Maybe even more. I think Rudolph can actually make the Steelers improve as an offense since Big Ben has looked pretty bad so far, so I think he’s definitely worth a big chunk. I’d probably bid about 55%! if you’re just planning to flip him or another one of your QBs. You can definitely make arguments to bid more than that but I think it might be a bit crazy to spend it all.

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I agree with @keith_ferguson however, one small thing, you better be sure you can flip him if you are going to use that much of your budget. Otherwise, the roles will be reversed later in the season when you need a position/player and someone outbids you and tries and flip that player to you.

If you are confident in your ability to flip him for someone worth that same FAAB then go for it.

Also, may be worth asking or bringing up to your league, I am the commissioner of my league and I allow people to include FAAB in trades. As commissioner you can go in and edit teams FAAB amount (just make sure they agree and put it in writing to you before). The reason I bring this up is you can overpay for him, flip him and possibly make back some FAAB along with the player you are going for.

Just a thought. Good luck!

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I am very QB needy in both of my SF leagues and I’m spending every last bit of FAAB I’ve got on him in both. Might hurt me down the stretch this season, but I’m not really in contention right now anyways. Especially after Andrew Luck decided to retire. Don’t know what your outlook is, but if you’re in a similar situation I’d go for broke. Could be an asset on your roster or as trade bait. No risk-it no biscuit!

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Thanks for the thoughts guys! I ended up bidding 56% and barely edging someone out to get him. Exciting stuff. Appreciate the advice!