Massive 96 team Dynasty League!

Hello FootClan! I have spent quite a few hours perfecting this league, and believe I have got it down and am ready to launch finally! My league is called The League of Nations. All 96 teams are named after real countries, and seperated into 8, 12 team divisions based off of what continent they are on. The buy-in is $75 annually. 2 years of fees are due at the beginning. Over $5000 in annual prizes available, with a World Cup every 4 years where the 32 qualified teams will compete for an additional $7000 in prizes! The full set of bylaws can be found here:
If you read the bylaws, and have interest in joining, contact me on twitter @KennyGSzn or via e-mail I will not be checking my messages on here for people requesting to join, only via e-mail and twitter. I look forward to hearing from everyone!