Massive CMC trade

I offered Conner/Carson/Demarcus Robinson for CMC/Larry Fitz

Am I crazy? I am the Zeke owner as well.

Edit: Full point PPR

If I’m the CMC owner, I click reject after about 2 seconds of thought.

Not trying to burst your bubble, but Mccaffery is a monster and Fitz is getting a crazy number of targets so his floor is really safely in a WR2 range with upside. They’re both PPR gold.

Carson and Conner have been fine yet unspectacular. It’s been very hit or miss with them and with guys like Penny and Jaylen Samuels taking snaps, they become a little more iffy. Robinson is boom or bust and Tyreek is coming back at some point.

lol good work trying to get value out of Conner’s big game. As a CMC owner, i wouldn’t accept that trade. i still think CMC has a good shot at outscoring all those guys combined, but that isn’t a bad trade it depends on the CMC owner’s team composition

He has Ekeler as well so that has him a little tilted. I agree with all of your points but at the moment the trade isn’t dead. Pray for me.

I am working the lines on this one lol

He hasn’t said no which is a good sign. He has Ekeler so I think Gordon’s return is keeping this alive for now.

If he accepts, I will celebrate in the streets with you. :pray:

Thank you for giving me the strength I need to head into week 5. Lets get these W’s

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