Massive Draft Pick Trade, need help

I am drafting in the 1 spot this year in our 12 team, .5 ppr snake draft. I just made a draft pick trade where I gave my 24, 25, and 49 to someone for the 4, 28, and 172. The question is this: Who do I take at the 1, 4, 28, 48 before getting back to my regular spot at 72?

I’d have to be convinced to NOT take 2 of the 4 big RBs, most likely Barkley & Zeke. I think Zeke will be back & you’ll hurt less if it’s a longer holdout since you have Saquon.

Tough to say with the other 2 picks because it’ll really depend on who is still on the board. I’d say take the best player on the board & lean WR as a tiebreaker.

CMC and hopkins, then after that who knows. drafts are hard to predict so its a total guess that far out.

Damn, nice deal…I think

Agree with the others, Saquon and whoever is atop your board after. Kamara, CMC, Zeke or Hopkins would all be awesome picks. If you’re afraid of the Zeke issue, grabbing Hopkins (or Adams) gives you the top RB and WR…