Massive Trade Deal, help Footclan!

Trade AWAY Saquon Barkley, Mark Ingram and Tyreke Hill

RECEIVE Todd Gurley, Jarvis Landry, Aaron Rodgers, Keenan Allen

Full PPR

My RB’s are Barkely, Bell, Howard, Ingram, Chubb, Collins
My WR’s are Hill, Alshon, Woods and Emmanuel Sanders

My QB is Wentz

Wow. You s got a hell of a team now

I would take that. Its a good trade and you get Gurley. He has been money is year

Would you go through with the trade? I’ve had people tell me not to do it and some to go for it.

People have told me I’m giving up too much and that Gurley plays Cards in playoff so he won’t be used much.

I would take it. It’s a bit of a gamble but in no way is it a downgrade. I think it makes you better esp w Chubb taking over. It would be great if you could land Conner somehow using Wentz maybe. Then you’re locked in with PIT’s RB1 as well as the best RB in the game (Gurley).

I would 100% do it. I think Gurley is in another level by himself. He is getting 20-30+ points a game. He is in a good offense and I dont trust the giants offense. Barkley has been good though. He must be down on Landry and Allen, but I personally like both receivers. Once Bell comes back you will be unstoppable.

These are the arguments people on Sleeper and Reddit have told me to not accept the trade

Don’t think it’ll even be that much honestly. I can see a couple drives and it’s not like Gurley can’t put up big numbers in a short amount of time but dont see Mcvay risking these guys in a game that doesn’t matter. If i remember correctly none of the rams skill position starters played a game in the preseason so McVay’s not afraid to go against conventional thinking

Gurley has 8 TDs in the last 3 games. That’s not going to continue. I would stay put, especially with how good Wentz looks. He’s not that much worse than Rodgers

Rather have Barkley and Hill. Agreed with @Spano15 about the fantasy playoff situation, but for slightly different reason. Way the NFC North and the NFC as a whole is shaping up, very possible the rams lock up the division and home field advantage before the playoffs even start, in which case a lot of the rams are gonna sit

Gurley plays Cardinals in the championship. Theres a good chance he sits half the game when they run up the score. Just keep Barkley.

And then you guys have told me to accept the trade. I thought I would just show you the counter arguments that i’ve been given to provide some more insight.

Theres always a change the Giants dont run Barkley as much when theyre well out of contention and want to protect him from injury

You could also get Gurley for a couple of games and then trade him away? Someone will be willing to pay for Gurley…

I wouldn’t do it either. Barkley is the 2nd best RB I think to Gurley and Hill has been very solid this year. Allen hasn’t done anything special and Landry is solid, but so is Ingram. Wentz has been great too. It’s a lateral move and you also have to drop someone. I would stand put with your team personally

This possibility has to be Considered for all elite players. Saquon could have the same issue