Matchup help!

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the long post but its the playoffs, so here I go.

I am in a full ppr league with small points for return yards.

I am facing
QB Ryan
RB McCaffrey
RB Fournette (6 pts)
WR Landry
WR Shepard
TE Ertz
FL Wilson
FL Cohen
DST Jacksonville (6 pts)

I have
QB Rodgers
RB David Johnson
RB Jackson/ Ware/ Edwards?
WR Adams
WR Lockett
WR Godwin
TE Kittle
FL Jackson/ Ware/ Edwards/ Moore/ Sutton?
FL Jackson/ Ware/ Edwards/ Moore/ Sutton?
DST Pittsburgh

Given these circumstances, who should I put in the RB2 and 2 FL spots? Who do you think should be favored?

If you’re still reading at this point, thank you! Any input helps and best of luck this weekend

I’ve heard people are high on Jackson but I haven’t looked into the SD rb situation very closely myself. Not factoring him in, definitely Sutton in a flex and Ware/Edwards for the other 2 spots.