Matt Breida for Chris Hogan

Yesterday I would’ve made this trade instantly. Today, news of Gordon’s arrival makes me pause. Does Gordon take Hogan’s valueh, or should I make this trade regardless?

12 team, Standard league 2RB/2WR/Flex
RB: Fournette, Howard, Lewis, Breida, Powell, Michel, Anderson
WR: Adams, Thielen, Cole, Allison, Pettis

You’re pretty set at RB/Flex and Breida is still in a timeshare. Hogan will continue to be targeted…I’d make that trade.

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4 Catches on the season is a little worrisome too. I appreciate the input!

Thinking more about it I think you should hold off. I didnt think about Edelman coming back in 2 weeks.

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Slightly worried about Hogan but I think he’s always been better as the WR2 anyways. He’s not talented enough to beat top coverage from elite corners. I think Gordon coming actually helps him tbh.

And Breida is a sell high for me. The lions D can make anyone look like Bell. Like yesterday, the safety straight up got blocked like 40 yards down field. It was embarasing.

Thanks man, I think so too. Breida looks explosive and more like the 1 than the 2 in SF. I love rb depth and he’s the top of my bench

What do you think of a counter for sanders?

I think last year I would’ve sold Breida, but with only afl to compete with im much more hesitant

What do you mean a counter for sanders? He countered with Sanders?

I would take sanders over Hogan instantly.

I meant I will counter for sanders

Not sure if I’m understand you but I would rank those players as follows so whatever your trade is, take the best one:

Sanders> Hogan > Breida