Matt Breida vs my roster help

I’m trying to find a way to justify starting brieda in my lineup any idea who sits

Id say Michelle or trade a rb

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I’m in a very similar situation. I have Carson, Michel, and Ingram. Breida has been on my bench and I am having a hard time deciding. Been trying to move Michel but no one is biting. I’m just playing the matchups of Breida or Michel at this point.

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Same here tough time moving Michel

do yall think you could move Michel for like a Larry Fitz or a Tyler Boyd or someone like that? because if so that would be my move

Maybe but my asking price is a little higher since breida is my insurance

NO. I have both and not trading Michel for a WR2 or a quasi WR1. They are fairly steady. Michel is not.

To your point though, not sure his value. I think him for a Auden Tate is completely fair value. Maybe even a Golden Tate. I’d try Golden Tate but this THURS no. GT is going to look like projectile vomit against that defense.

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No doubt who hasnt looked like shit against the Patriots this year

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Oh the parody. Tate actually looked like he was golden. No way jose I was starting though. Anybody that did last night touche’. That was a major gamble congrats.