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Matt Bryant or Justin Tucker


I have Matt Bryant in my team. Have Tucker on waiver. Should I replace Bryant with Tucker? Standard format. 12 teams. Thanks


I want Tucker over bryant.


Tucker is the better option, especially if you’re headed to the playoffs. Bryant has been injured, and he’s lost some opportunities because of it. I dropped him in my league as well.


Tucker all day long as I dropped Bryant for him off his bye week-


I have Bryant currently and each week I’m underwhelmed he comes back with a 11-14 point performance (my league is 3 for 1-39yards, 4 for 40-49, and 5 points for 50+) dude has some range. However butker and Lutz are on waivers… should I drop Bryant for one of them? Thinking after this week because I feel having the kicker in the Monday night game is a huge advantage


2 good choices to choose from so I would say yes because you never know when Bryant’s back is gonna act up-


I just picked up Tucker over Bryant and Lutz in all leagues he was available.


I dropped Bryant for Butker and it’s worked out great!


Good point and following this week I think I will as well. However I do love Lutz playoff schedule as he kicks in a dome the whole time and doesn’t need to worry with cold weather. Thank you for the input!


Hey what’s your thoughts on D Freeman over M Gordon if and when he gets healthy ROY?


Honestly that’s a tough one… especially with no one really knowing about the saints d for the playoffs(they play them twice). They are really both about even as long as healthy since Gordon has Ekler creeping in, and Freeman has always dealt with Coleman as a TD vulture. As of right now I’d probably lean Gordon by an inch just because of the fact that he’s healthy and always gets the volume, but it’s close. I think Freeman has a higher ceiling, but since unhealthy, Gordon has the safer floor


I think Eklers gonna be the starter after this week-thanks for your thoughts