Matt Bryant rest of year full point PPR or

I drafted Matt Bryant in my league and on his bye I picked up Prater and then went back to him BUT I am losing confidence in him as I he’s an older kicker and having a back issue in my opinion-Should I move on?? I could possibly get Tucker–J Elliott-Prater-There are a lot of good kickers available but his bye has passed and don’t have to mess with that-Should I stick with him? Full point PPR he was negative 3 this week-I only won by 4—All feedback appreciated!!

If you have the space, you could maybe hold him and still pick someone else up. However, I like Elliot a lot more than Bryant at the moment… he’s been great and he’s in a solid offense

Wish I had the space but don’t-May snag Elliot and go from there-I like Prater as well-The bills kicker is available too-The bye weeks really make you think strategically-

I also have Bryant and have been trying to figure out what to do with him…I wish Elliot was available in my league. Bryant has been really good in the past, but with his injury and the offense not playing very well, I think it’s really affecting his stats

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Should I just move on in your opinion? I’m 6 and 1 and he about cost me this week-If Allshon Jeffrey would have caught another pass or so I would of got beat-Byant was negative 3 this week-I hope this guy drops Zuerlin of the Rams this week and then I’ll make my move-I am always thinking a week or so ahead on pickups etc as not many in my league are-thanks!

Definitely grab Zuerlein if he gets dropped…I think I’d move on from Bryant. I’m ready to, if there’s better out there

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Ok and thanks again!!