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Matt forte for Jamaal Williams?


Ty Montgomery is my RB2 and matt forte has been riding my bench. Should I trade Matt Forte to get Jamaal Williams as a handcuff in case Ty’s injury becomes more serious?


Right now, at least, Ty Mont isn’t showing to be questionable. Of course, as we all know that could change any day, but…I don’t think I’d give up Forte for Williams.


How deep is your league what are your other RB options. Montgomery is currently being used very heavily and plenty of ppl are concerned for his health if he continues at this pace. The jets utilized powell alot in the last game as well and what is the likelihood of u actually playing forte at any point in the season. If it were me…I say an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. I’d go with the insurance depending on my options at RB

PLus forte’s banged up


Forte’s x-rays came back negative…which…yeah, I know that doesn’t always mean a lot. Even a sore toe could keep you side-lined for a couple of weeks. But…still just don’t think I’d give up on him just yet.


Ty Mont’s reports are showing that his wrist isn’t expected to keep him out. He’s been a full practice at this point if that helps any.


True…i wouldn’t call it giving up id just call it securing your RB2 bcz IF and it is a medium IF montgomery does go down dude with williams automatically has an RB2 on his hands and Forte on the jets when healthy is like an RB3-4 the biggest question is who are his other RB’s and how deep is the league bcz this move is a long term security blanket not an immediate trade n play it really depends


I can see where you’re going with this SKLymer and in the respect of LONG-TERM I can’t dispute your point. I was simply going with nathan-ross’s initial post. Just was gauging for this week. If you were looking for a ROS/long-term I hope I didn’t throw you off nathan_ross.


My RB1 Is Devonta Freeman, Montgomery is my RB2 and my other RB’s are :
Tevin Coleman, Matt Forte, Chris Thompson, and Chris Johnson


I’m in a 12 teams standard scoring league so most good running backs are not available, honestly I’m just a little for Ty’s future health with the heavy work load he’s getting


I personally would play Tevin Coleman and Chris Thompson over Forte on most weeks

Ellington looks better than CJ right now and D’onta Foreman’s usage is picking up idk if any of those guys are available but I’d rather have any of those than CJ but with that team I’d get J williams Coleman’s a handcuff too but he is a VERY useable handcuff alot more productive than forte. The jets were leading majority of the game and forte only had a few touches

Long term get jamaal short term keep forte everything’s a gamble in fantasy though so dont be surprised if forte drops 10-15 after the trade the real question is would you have played him over anyone else on your roster anyway


Sounds good to me, thanks for the input!


just checked my scoreboard saw that ty left in first with chest injury…im :pray: ing that u took that trade bro praying