Matt Ryan Alvin Kamara Woes

So after TNF would you consider Marquise Goodwin and Stephen Anderson for higher upside pickups? lineup = Thielen, AJ, Lamar Miller, Tate, Demarius thomas, Scrumptious, P. Barber. thanks in advance footclan!!

I’m starting Goodwin over Tate in one of my leagues. I realize how bad the TB defense is, but I can’t trust Stafford if his hand is all jacked up. Plus, Jimmy G is a solid QB.

yeah the offense runs through stafford! i might consider that last minute! cameron brate or stephen anderson?

What are the lineup parameters? I’d rank those WRs like this: Green, Thielen, Goodwin, Tate, Funchess, DT.

@DFWB 2wr 2 flex 1 te 1/2ppr rb Freeman/kamara.

I’d go Green, Thielen and Goodwin (unless you have another RB you can flex that you like better than Goodwin).