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Matt Ryan for Josh Doctson Keeper League Trade


I am in a 12 team PPR auction league $200 cap . We get to keep 4 players from our current roster. No penalty or loss of round for keeping any 4 players. Max to keep a player is 3 years and then back into the FA pool… Currently i am keeping David Johnson for $14 (Last year i can keep him)
Adam Thielen for $5 (two more years i can keep him)
Julian Edelman for $36 (two more years i can keep him. At this price and the targets he sees, this is a value in this league)

My other keeper options are Josh Doctson $7, Kyle Rudolph $8 , Rex Burkhead $5. These 3 players can also be kept for an additional 2 years. Every year you keep someone, you get a $5 keeper fee

I was offered Matt Ryan for $11 for Josh Doctson. Currently if i made this trade i would have $134 in cap space. I am thinking with DJ and Matt Ryan i have top tier players in these positions. Plus with Edelman and Thielen, i have nice options for my WR. This would allow me to go big on a stud WR and a tier 2 RB and then load up with value players to fill out the roster. What do you guys think?


I would say no to this trade for one reason. It took Matt Ryan multiple years to get to the level of success he had this pass season in the same offense. He now has a new coordinator who is going to ask different things of him. Who knows if it will take him multiple years again before he feels the same level of comfort. I also think Doc is a high level player for a bench with great upside. Now if you are set on Matt Ryan then I would try to move another player and get that RB2 you need. I know I am not as good as the guys on the show but I have Matt Ryan as a QB to avoid this year.


Appreciate your input bball23josh… That is why we post on here, to get feedback from our fellow members


Not a problem what did you end up deciding on?