Matt Ryan/Ingram for Shady?

Full point PPR, I would be giving up Ryan/Ingram. Also, I’m playing this guy this week and Ryan is playing the Pats. I’m not crazy about playing against Ryan this week (I have Mariota as my backup).

Might work out this week with Mariota playing the Browns.

What’s your take in Ingram ROS? I think he’s going to be good but not great and average 10-12 a game with a smattering of a 20 point game here and there.

I don’t like shady since he’s showing signs of breaking down for the past couple of seasons and I just fear the end is near.

I really like Ingram ROS. I think people are way too low on him for no reason really. He has had increased touches each week, and out touched Kamara 30 to 14 last week. He was a top 10 back last year in PPR and I don’t think there is a reason to think he won’t be from here on out.

As for Shady, I am a bit worried about his health as well. I would probably grab his handcuff if I had him on my roster. But he is their only weapon and has been great when he has played and hasn’t even had a TD yet (I’m certain he will get some TDs).

Would you do Ingram/Mixon for Shady/Abdullah?

Mixon could pop but he could fizzle so definitely a good add but as an Abdullah owner I’m sick of the guy so you might be able to get him on the cheap.

Ingram/mixon for shady/Abdullah and 1 more?

I’m trying to trade Ingram+Kelvin Benjamin+Jimmy Graham in a .5 ppr but no takers yet but I did target Gurley and Zeke.