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Matt Ryan on waivers! Pick him up?


Hey footclan!

I currently have Dak and Watson. Dak has been my every week starter… and Watson (vs CLE week6) is my bye replacement for Dak.

Should I even consider dropping Watson for Ryan?

Watson’s schedule actually works well with Dak’s… but so does Ryan’s. In addition, Ryan plays NOs twice in week 14 and 16 (playoffs).


Personally I never roster 2 QB’s unless I absolutely have to. Dak is an every week start for me. IMO hang on to Watson for week 6 then drop him and grab a flier.


Good point. That was my plan until I saw Daks schedule vs Giants and Seattle in the fantasy playoffs. Haha


Ryans Playoff schedule would have me getting him. I am trying to trade for Freeman because of his schedule.


pick up Ryan for the kicker or defence in your team and try and trade Watson if you want to roster 2 qbs. I personally don’t and just pick one up for the bye (but that does work this week). Then pick up a kicker or defence for the player you’ll cut after the trade


Great point. So NFL.com is odd that way. I can pick up Ryan now without having to go through waivers because his team is on bye (no game time lock). However I can’t drop my kicker since he’s in my lineup. I’d have to drop Kamara or Watson to pick him up now. Or wait until Wednesday and risk a different team grabbing him


Ah that’s annoying. I wouldnt drop either of them for him. Although worth keeping in mind for future bye weeks.

If you get him then great and you can move Watson on otherwise you’re still in a great position