Matt Ryan or Big Ben

Do I stay in the fire with Matt Ryan on the road? Or go with Ben at home? I did notice that all of Matt Ryan’s big games of been at home so far.

I am asking this more as a reaction to my pain from last week than anything … I made the mistake of playing been over Ryan last week and it cost me the week . What do you guys think ?

Id go Ben considering he is at home. I attribute ben’s performance last week due to the Ravens D.

Either way youll be getting big points though


That’s a nice problem to have. Vegas’s highest scoring match up of the week… Flip a coin

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I think the ravens defense really did play a big part in it. But I am having a hard time playing Ben after what happened to me last week. I am scared that Matt Ryans just gonna keep it up with the 30 pointers

I agree, it’s a great problem to have ha ha. Do you think any of Matt Ryan success can be contributed to his home field advantage last three weeks? ?

coin flip but lean 55/45 Big Ben. i just traded dalvin cook for Ryan to start this week.