Matt Ryan or Cam vs. Opponent w/ CMC?

Think it’s worth passing up the Falcons matchup against TB at home to try to cancel out anything CMC does as a receiver? My opponent also has Graham Gano fwiw. Passing TD’s are worth 5 points in my league as well.

No. The QB gets 40% of the yards that a RB gets. Stacks only work when it’s for TD stacks.

Ryan has a fantastic matchup at home. Play Ryan.

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Thanks man. Yeah, you’re right. I suppose it would be a major gamble on the Panthers putting up a big offensive performance, particularly through the air. I’d be pretty screwed if they ran it all game long and/or struggled hard against Washington’s D overall.

how about me playing Winston when my opponent has Evans

who is your other QB option? Winston has a fantastic matchup for sure, but he’s been off the field for a long time and as awful as the Falcons defense is, the organization does know Winston and the TB offense very well being a divisional opponent and playing against him for years now, fwiw. certainly doesn’t mean he can’t tear them up anyway…just a consideration in the event you’d be benching a top QB to do this

I have Wilson I drafted. and also Dalton, ben , and rivers on the waiver