Matt Ryan or joe burrow?

Really struggling with this. I like Burrows matchup a lot but that Green Bay Falcons game could be an absolute shootout. What do you guys think?

Bumping for help!!

probably lean towards the shoot out with ryan

Bro you’ve asked this question like 5 times in the past 2 days and multiple people have given you advice including myself lol they are both fine options just pick who you’d like.

If you really want a deciding factor one of the Ballers picked Joe Burrow as there start of the week and they had Matty Ice as a fade.

Lmao I know man it’s terrible but I just want more peoples opinions on it as I’m stuck and the only way to get people to respond is to keep posting but thanks for the help bro I appreciate it. Still don’t know who I’m going with but thanks for responding

Not sure if links are allowed here but

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These are both of my quarterbacks right now so I am having the same internal debate. I am leaning more towards Burrow for the matchup and his confidence with the team is increasing, but with Julio Jones coming back Matt Ryan is also a great choice. Take your pick.

i lean burrow, but i dont feel great about it either way

Lmao that’s good