Matt Ryan or Lamar jackson trade scenario

I am in serious QB trouble. The Jackson owner also owns Ryan and is willing to trade.

He has offered Matt Ryan for Latavius Murray or Lamar Jackson for Cooper Kupp. Should i accept either of these.

Also have Carr, Rivers, Kyler Murray, Cousins and Jimmy G on waivers.

help footclan!!!

You’re better off streaming QBs than giving up positional talent.


If you are in a 1 QB league I would just pick up Kyler. Not worth giving up Murray, we saw what he can do if Kamara were to go out and Kupp is a top 5 WR. I wouldn’t give that up for a QB. Kyler’s schedule seems hard but I would take the chance on him.

Who is your current QB?

I’ve been streaming, had Minshew this week…

I would roll with Kyler

Week 10/11:
Jimmy G - Seahawks/ Cardinals
Rivers - Raiders/ Chiefs

Week 11/12:
Carr - Bengals/ Jets

Week 11-16:
Tannehill - Jags/ Colts/ Raiders/ Texans/ Saints