Matt Ryan or Russell Wilson for week 11?

Kinda worried about using Ryan against Dallas this week, who would you start? Wilson goes up against the Packers tonight

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I lean Ryan at home. If there is bad weather tonight that might help the RB’s a little bit, but this could be a barn burner.

I’d go with Ryan personally. I like Ryan at home, in the dome, against a Dallas team that’s given up 20+ in back to back weeks to Mariota and Wentz.

Wilson figures to be okay but with Carson back and Carroll’s insistence on a run first game plan, I’m not sold on Wilson having the same kind of ceiling Ryan has.

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Plus ATL puts up way more points at home. Dallas is expected to score because ATL’s defense is pretty porous, so you figure they’re going to be throwing a ton to keep up.

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and is anyone REALLY convinced Ito Smith is going to keep Ryan from throwing it?

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No, all that little rat does is vulture goal line work.

and eat up space on my roster because there’s no one else to pick up :S

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I am between Ryan, Wentz, and Trubisky myself and leaning on Ryan. His home road splits are pretty bad, like Big Ben or Brees.

I’m starting Wilson in my 2 QB league but if I had Ryan I would go with Ryan over Wilson.

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I think I’d go Wentz… one of my opponents this week is starting Roethlisberger of Wentz and I’m praying he doesn’t realize it haha

Thanks for the responses! I am also juggling whether or not to start Coleman over Mixon. I also have Kerryon Johnson and Phillip Lindsay

Wow, I’d want to lean the latter 2 RB’s, but it’s tough to bench Mixon for Lindsey…

I’m going aggressive with Mixon this week… I love his talent, and even with Baltimore being a great team against RBs, I’m betting on his volume. either Jackson or RG3 are playing QB for Baltimore? I could see this being a grind and Mixon seeing a ton of touches.