Matt Ryan or Tyrod Taylor

Matt Ryan has been consistently letting me down. NE game was the last straw. He did put 17 points, but seriously Pats has the worst defense, he should have put down 25+

Should I play Taylor or go against my best judgement and give Ryan a chance again?

What do you guys think?

obviously keep matt ryan.

Yes the pats are awful defensively but you cant take away the IT factor. The pats are in the falcons heads forsure. so that game is hard to judge IMO.

I think matty has some good games coming ahead but has been a super disspointment so far. Id go with taylor until matty has a nice game or two then switch back… but Tyrod does have a juicy back half of the season so you might just stick with him.

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Thanks man. That’s what I was thinking. Play Tyrod and bench matt until he remembers how to play football again and the Offensive coordinator gets his crap together.

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Keep Ryan, but I wouldn’t be afraid to play Taylor this week against OAK. I know the Jets suck… but until Ryan shows his “last year” self… it’s hard to play him. Especially when Taylor has a good matchup at home.

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