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Matt Ryan v. Marcus Mariota Trade


I interested in making a trade in my 10 man standard scoring league. This trade would involve me sending Matt Ryan and Brandon Marshall for Marcus Mariota and Stefon Diggs. I like both Diggs and Mariota but am not sure whether this trade would play out for me in the long run. My other WR’s are Davante Adams, Martavis Bryant, and Golden Tate. Any advice is appreciated.


I would do that trade. I think Matt Ryan is do for some regression this year. I also like Mariota a lot. I’d also rather have Diggs than Marshall so yeah I’d definitely do that trade.


Thats a good TRADE! I dont think Mariota will be a strong as he was last year, based on the pre season, he was struggling a lot on his passes. Brandon Marshall is injury prone, your getting 1 good QB and a healthy WR. Do the trade now! Before he changes his mind.


That is a big downgrade for QB for you though. People say Matt Ryan is due for some regression? Because Jason said so? Maybe, but maybe not. But if there is any, it won’t be enough to notice much.
I wouldn’t call Diggs an upgrade. I could see his TD rate improving a little, but he hasn’t had more than 4 TD in a season in his young career, but I’m not defining him there yet.
Brandon Marshall is not injury prone. He hasn’t missed more than 2 games in any single season. He hasn’t had less than 8 TD’s in the past four seasons, in fact, more than 10 TD’s in three of those. Because of last season people feel down on Marshall, but he still had 8 TD’s. That’s not his fault, we forget Ryan Fitzpatrick was throwing him the ball. His upside is great with Eli Manning. Don’t dismiss Marshall, especially now that he’s got a better QB.


I’m doing this in a heartbeat.

Mariota is going off this year.