Matthew berry

Should I listen to the talking walnut that is Matthew berry about golden Tate not having a good matchup? I’d play Dede Westbrook over him if I did.

First advice I give you … Take anything Matthew berry says with a grain of salt. I used to listen to him untill I found the ballers and then when I tried to go back and listen to him I just couldn’t any more.

Saying that I think Tate and Dede are so close.
Tate should be the better receiver but he has just disappeared some game and not really sure why.

Dede is prob your safer floor but Tate is most likely raked higher on anyone’s rankings.

Go with your gut

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Lee is out for this game which means Westbrook moves to the WR1 position. Jags will probably lean heavily on Fournett this week and possibly reduce amount of passing.