Matthew Stafford Keep or Stream

He hasn’t been absolutely terrible, but I am 0 - 3 and am debating on trying to stream a QB based on matchups.

Right now I am debating Case Keenum against the Chiefs and dropping Stafford. good idea, bad idea?

How many teams in league? If 12 I’d keep him. If 8 I might think to stream.

What if it is in between at 10? and half the people have two QB’s in a 1 QB league.

I’d probably keep him. Streaming might be difficult to do everyweek and someone would trade their backup for him.

It depends on how your league plays. most of my leagues it’s difficult to go down to 1 QB. In my 10 man I am currently down to 1 because I lost Jimmy G and Engram and needed to cut Jimmy G for a TE, but in most leagues i’d hold Stafford and just snag another QB to maybe rotate in with him if I have the roster space. My 12 man for example i’m rotating Rivers and Stafford depending on matchup.

True and besides the first week he really hasn’t hurt me too much. I would like to get Big Ben as he has Rodgers and doesn’t play Ben at all, but I am not sure what his trade value is. The guy doesn’t have any RB’s, but all I have is DJ, Fournette, Collins, and Aaron Jones. He has Hunt and Bernard (who could be rendered mostly useless when mixon comes back). His WR aren’t bad Marvin, Tate, Boyd, then his bench is crap besides Shepard and big ben. (Hogan, Cooper, Garcon and Beasley)/

QBs are always hard to judge value IMO. On one end some owners see the high points as being worth a lot, but as a buyer i always view it as a backup that rots on their bench, and if they get a startable asset they’re technically getting more. But i’d ask if he’s willing to trade big ben and offer like Stafford + a low piece.

But in general that’s why i rarely go for QBs and just stream, its just expensive to buy one.

Stafford is a strong hold. He’s a mid level QB 1 ROS with his weapons.

True. I’ll keep him around.