Mattison FAB % as a Cook owner

What percentage of FAB to use as he’s just been dropped in my league? Can I go cheap as no one will be interested after his 2 carries?

Feels mad to not handcuff Cook when given this chance?

I have Cook in one league and won’t pursue Mattison hard. My fear is if Cook goes out the offense with go through Theilen/Jefferson rather than Mattison.

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I don’t think anyone would be after him aggressively as a non Cook owner. Tempted to put a tiny bid in and if someone out bids I can move on :+1:t2:

Tiny bid or just wait for him to clear waivers and pick him up for free. I can’t imagine any non-Cook owner bidding on him in waivers.

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Good call :+1:t2:

Only other thing is would you drop Malcolm Brown for him?

Having Cook, yes, but probly not in a vacuum.


Agree with @AxeElf. Brown and Mattison have similar value. The handcuff for Cook is an extra benefit.

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Thank you gentlemen :+1:t2: