Mattison now on waivers -- pick him up?

Only person I could drop to get him is Moss. This would be gambling on what happens with Cook ROS. Is Mattison worth dropping Moss for regardless of what goes on with Cook? League is 12-team full PPR. Thanks!

In a vacuum, I prefer Moss over Mattison rest of season. Can you trade Moss to someone for something, maybe a two for one? Moss will be picked up if dropped.

If you weaker at RB and might need to play Moss, then prefer keeping RB. If you are all set at RB, then I prefer Mattison on the bench.

I’m good at RB, Kamara and Mixon are my starters but they’re both sitting this week. Fortunately I already had Ingram on the bench and I picked up Bolden yesterday so I don’t really need to play Moss tomorrow (though the claim wouldn’t go through until Monday anyway), and as it is he’s questionable too. Mattison is tempting though, he’d be a sure RB1 if Cook ends up not playing ROS after tomorrow.

Could you drop a lesser WR? I wouldn’t drop Moss to the waivers if I didn’t have too. Possibly giving a playoff team more RB depth. Especially in a 12 man.

I have Deebo, K Allen and Woods, and I already played Bateman. And I only have the one TE, Goedert. I do have a 3rd QB but I’ll need him next week - it’s a 2QB league, one of my other QB’s will be on a bye and there is absolutely nothing but third stringers on the waiver wire.

I had been thinking of including Moss in a trade but because he was in concussion protocol until just a few minutes ago that’s put off until next week. I would be surprised if Mattison lasts until then.