Matty Ice or Big Ben? Weird start decision

So, my opponent has AB and Brees. I have Big Ben and Mike Thomas. So we have a crisscross going. I already had Kupp go boom, but he has Thielen, so I’m up 20 ish.

Would you all consider starting Matt Ryan over Big Ben? Or do you see Big Ben helping me more since my opponent has AB? I know people have differing options about this. Thanks!

If you are going to use that strategy, it’s really all about how the rest of your squad stacks up against the rest of your opponent’s. Depending on that, it’s not a bad idea to try to nullify AB. Matt Ryan def has a better matchup though. And Brees shouldn’t have too much trouble lighting it up vs. NYG defense.

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Well he has Brees,Marshawn, Lamar M, AJ Greene, AB, Jimmy Graham & Thielen & Pats D

I have Ben/ Ryan , Howard, Breida, MThomas, Kupp, kittle, T Coleman & Chargers D.

His WRs scare me , but the rbs don’t scare me toooo much

Since you aren’t in desperate need for upside or anything given your teams are quite even and you already had Kupp go off, I think I’d actually go ahead and play Ben. I think you’ll win either way.

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You also risk a bit stacking Ryan and Coleman if the game isn’t a shoot out like it is widely expected to be.

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I appreciate it man. I was thinking the same thing about Coleman and Matt Ryan. If it changes anything, my opponent is that actually playing Matt Bryant as well LOL It’s a unique situation but I am confident playing Ben

I think both starts are good plays. both games are predicted by vegas to have 50 point totals. I am more attracted to Matt Ryan. They have a decimated Defense and they have an Offense that can keep up. Also the highest scoring point total this week by vegas at 54. Leaning Matt Ryan but both plays are good

I was leaning Matt Ryan as well, but since my opponent has aB, and I have Tevin Coleman I think I may end up going Ben. I am confident each match up, but I want to make sure I keep my 20 point lead on my opponent

I’m hating myself man… would have won had I played Matt Ryan… against all odds I am down 10 points at the moment