MATTY Ice or...?

Who would you start, and why? Matt Ryan, Jimmy G, or Teddy Bridgewater. My gut told me last week Jimmy G, but was “talked” out of it. Started Matty Ice and got frozen out of 15 points. Jimmy far out produced him!
I’m thinking Teddy this week, he plays a much weaker D in Jax than the Bucs with Matt.

I would start Teddy only because he is facing the Jaguars. Matt Ryan will have to air it out but buccs D is very good. I guess you could start Jimmy g in hopes that the game stays competitive. I’m not sure if the eagles D was a fluke holding ATL to 3 points or if there is something there.

Are they? They allowed 403/3 passing in Week 1, and if the Chiefs’ receivers could catch with their facemasks, Kansas City would have won the Super Bowl last year too.

They seem to have a good D-line, and prevail against the run, pressure the QB… but the secondary hasn’t been particularly impressive lately.