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Maurice Harris-Overlooked pickup?


Injury to AJ and untrustworthy WR depth has me looking at WR this week.

I came across Maurice Harris from washington and am wondering where you would rank him amongst the other pickups (ross, humphris, MVS)
he looks like he got the lions share from paul richardsons injury, but is he a flash in the pan?


I like mh for his matchup but mvs will be nice ros. Bengals wr is a ? For me. It’s hard to say how aj greens targets will be spread. Humphries is interesting but I’d prioritize - mvs, mh, Ross and humpries


Im way down the waiver wire this week unfortunetely so ranking is pretty key.
I definetely had your same order without considering MH. just seeing where he could fit in.


Crowder’s projected points just went to 0 and did not practice this week. I grabbed Harris asap.


He was apparently limited in practice today but yeah I think he’s on the other side of the fence in terms of playing which is good for Harris cuz I put in a bid on him yesterday since I’ve got AJ, Thielen and Watkins as my other WRs…definitely liking the matchup against TB.