Max number of leagues (discussion)

What is your personal limit of leagues to be in? (including for fun leagues and serious ones)

I’m currently in 2 with money down, 3 for fun and I’m participating in the megalodon.

I feel like 6 is already a ton… but I want another one with money down (megalodon is unlikely to win lol).

Share your thoughts!

I did 3 the last several years. I couldn’t turn down invitations this year and also wanted to play in the Megalobowl so I’m up to 6 as well. 3 seems like a perfectly healthy amount. Any more than that it becomes taxing on your time if you want to actually play to your fullest potential and make your teams the best they can possibly be. I have a feeling I’m going to be having trouble remembering who I even have rostered with managing 6 teams lol