Mayfield or Dalton? Better choice for use now

Who’s the better pick up off waivers for use now? (Possibly long term)

Baker Mayfield
Andy Dalton

I like Mayfield better as a stash.

Dalton has a string of great matchups coming up the next several weeks.

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For use now, as in week 4, the answer is Dalton.

I would go with Andy Dalton…
Look at the schedule for the Bengals the next 6 games…

The next 6 games they play bad defenses with good offenses so I predict a lot of shootouts…

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Dalton is very streamable for 4 out of the next 5 weeks.

Facing bottom 4 passing defenses in the league. And Dalton doesn’t have home/away splits. He’s actually one of the few QBs who does better on the road (just barely).

I’d rather have Dalton.

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Dalton for sure. See @MikeMeUpp 's reasoning above ^^

I am always a bit confused when it comes to deciding on streaming (still pretty new to fantasy).

I have cousins as my QB… is it better to play Cousins every week or is it better to get someone like Dalton and stream?

Dalton is the way to go

Cousins should be fine most weeks as Vikings should be in positive game scripts most of the year with their defense and weapons. Cousins once he gets in a bad situation has proven he can make a hole worse instead of digging out of it but those games don’t happen very often.