Mayfield or manning

I have Baker and fitzmagic on my roster
Do I play Baker vs Oakland or drop one of those two and play Eli Manning vs new Orleans? Also which one should I drop if I do go with eli

I dropped Fitzmagic for Manning this week. Baker is still available on WW in my league. I like the match up for Manning personally. I would drop Fitz, get Manning and start him.

I like Eli in this game. It would be a shame to drop Mayfield for him though. Or anyone really who has been playing well. Anyone else you can drop instead of those two? They both have trade value too

I really don’t have anyone else to drop all my other players are pretty solid players

QB- mayfield, fitzpatrick
Rb- Gordon, Collins, Coleman, Michel, and just picked up ronald Jones 2nd to see what he does
Wr- Hopkins, juju, Allen Robinson, k Cole
Te- kittle
Def- philly