Mayfield or Trubisky today?

Have Trubi locked in for now, but concerned about the weather. Mayfield in a dome vs a poor defense in a shoot out is calling me. Thoughts?

Baker fn’ Mayfield!
If weather really is the issue in Chicago then that will be a running scheme and Howard has been slowly coming back to life (I really hope so because I’m starting him).

…I don’t feel great about it but I have 3 Browns starting on the same line up this week, so I’m hoping Mayfield has a great game.

Rolling with Mayfield today.

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Good Luck!

Mayfield isn’t in a dome though. They are at home. Unless I missed Cleveland building a new stadium!

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Trubisky for sure

I obviously need to pay better attention! Nevertheless, rolling with Mayfield today. He makes it interesting on Cousins bye week.

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SO if weather is an issue and this appears to be a Howard game, would you flex COhen or Tate? Asking off the back of the recomendation of Mayfield over Trubisky?

I lean Mayfield, they’re going to have throw to keep up. ATL is rolling.

I’m not recommending Mayfield over Trubisky. Just feeling like a wild card this weekend. I’d feel good about having Cohen in the game though. He compliments their system very well.

Yeah I’m playing Truby as well. Good luck everybody!!!

WOOO-HOOO!!! Sooooo glad I did!!! LOL…that is…unless Wilson (my other QB) breaks all his own records. :smile:

But looks like Mayfield ain’t doing so bad either!!! :grinning:

WOW. Mitch is TRUTH.

That decision cost me a win, most likely. One other time this season I did something foolish right before kickoff, and it cost me a win that week too. Eventually I’ll learn.

Dude, he’s freaking good, and he is not even close to the same player as the goofball that we remember from last season or even the beginning of this season. I really like him and the whole Chicago offense (save Howard) are coming together and just slaughtering everybody.

@Caveman45, what if Wentz was in the mix? Would you rather have Trubisky or Wentz ROS? Or maybe even Trubisky or Watson or Mayfield or Brady ROS?

Would be between Trubi or Wentz or Brady. I’d look at their schedules and see which has the most shootout games. Gun to head have to pick one, probably Trubi.

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