Mayfield or Trubisky

Lost cam this week so having to roll one of these youngsters out for the championship game.

4 point per touchdown, Leaning baker but like both matchups.


My only thought against baker is that Chubb could blow up.

I have same decision. I have both and allen, I have mayfield in my lineup and thats who Im rolling with right now but I think it could be a coin flip

Im feeling dangerous.

Bumping this, i have the same dilemma…come on guys some help pls

Trubisky. Plus matchup and hes gonna sling that rock

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Not trying to hijack @LambeauLeap’s post here…but…concerning Truby….I’ve got him and Wilson. Championship game. PPR. Thinking big time Wilson…but…being the BIG GAME FOR THE TITLE…can’t help but ask. My apologies @LambeauLeap!!! :roll_eyes:

Thanks bunches for any feedback!!!

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Wilson is picked by everyone with a keyboard to have a big week. A bit hesitant because the Kansas City run D is even worse than their passing D. Also look for Seattle to run run run that clock if they can get a slight lead at home. Ill be keeping an eye on the weather here in Seattle as well as in San Fran. I’ve got Wilson, Trubs, and Watson. Wilson penciled in for now.

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Oh man…you’re in SEA sounds like. COOL. National weather reports NEVER manage to report as accurately as LOCALS. TY!!! GREAT TO KNOW my friend. If it’s not too much to ask…could you please report back sometime tomorrow afternoon as to the latest???

GREAT THANKS to you!!! (LOL…that’s what I love about this place…everybody has info, data, thoughts, feedback that can be most pertinent depending on different situations!!!)

Your feedback is appreciated more than you know!!! AND…BEST OF LUCK TO YOU MY FELLOW FFB in your own personal pursuit at this point!!! :+1:

AND…yeah…leaning Wilson myself!!! :pray:

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