Mc Pick 3 - running backs

Standard scoring. Zeke, Chubb, A Jones, Conner Howard. So basically Chubb, Jones, or Howard.

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Zeke, Howard, Connor.

First off- props for the brilliant subject.

Secondly - Conner, Zeke, Jones for me. As our ffballers friends would say, make sure Conner isn’t in your flex!

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Yeah he’s firmly in the RB spot. I have Chubb in now based on volume alone, but I’m super tempted with Jones and his matchuo and game script

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My argument for Jones>Chubb this week is that Cleveland is going to be playing from behind all game which is going to benefit Duke but may hurt Chubb, and GB is the heavy favorites. After typing this out, I’m just now realizing that you have already analyzed the game scripts per your last comment lol…

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Zeke, Conner, Chubb

Zeke conner and A. Jones. I think the dolphins défense is just To good of a match up.

Yeah my thought exactly on Jones