McCaffery 1st round?

Would you take Caff in round 1? I plan to go RB RB and I see Howard as my RB2. I think it is a valid argument to take him earlier. Would be passing on Barkley, Hunt, Fournette, Kamara. The argument is volume. He has as much or more potential than any of these guys just based on volume alone. I like the Howard Caff combo based on schedules and defenses and lack of competition on the depth chart. If I don’t take Caff early, he never comes back around. Have to go early to get him.

You know people will give you the argument on Barkley, Fournette and Kamara being more valuable, but at the end of the day you should choose the players that you want.

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I got CMC at 309 in my 10 team last week so first round seems like a reach to me but I know his ADP is rising. If you want him, grab him. Personally I would go Barkley. I think he’s a generational talent and will get a massive amount of work.

In my 10 team league I got CMC at 2.04 , but if you think you wont ba able to draft him in the second round I would draft him in the first. Depends what is your draft position.

Get the players you want. Unless you’re drafting closer to the edge, he’s not coming back to you. He went early 2nd round (2-01) in my 12 team PPR league. Also, you might want to consider trading the earlier pick for a later pick…just a thought.