McCaffery and Pryor package

I’m looking to package these two guys together for one solid RB2 or WR2. I would probably wait until next week given they are both low right now and have good matchups this week, but I don’t trust McCaffery at all and only see his value slipping. What level player is of fair value for these two. Any suggestions?

Some ideas I have are Michael Thomas (I’d need Mc to put on a show Sunday), Dez, or Doug Baldwin and Jamaal Charles to handcuff Anderson

I actually have McCaffrey and Pryor but opposite to you I am big on McCaffery, I think as the season goes on steward will have less and less carries but maybe that’s just me hoping that my baby flourishes. However, if you want to make this trade i would target M. Thomas, Dez or Baldwin… if you need RB’s i would look at Howard, Martin, McCoy or fournette

I’m just scared because of how bad Cam has looked, and it seems that every time he touches the ball it is forced. But hopefully those explosive plays will come.

its early in the season, McCaffrey is a rookie RB they will need some time to create some chemistry and honestly the same thing goes to Pryor, cousins is a slow starter as a QB and Pryor is new to the redskins so maybe they’ll turn out to be okay for both of our sakes