McCaffery Keeper Trade

Currently keeping Kelce, Thielen and Golladay. Could then either keep McCaffery or trade him for picks and either Drake or Lindsay. Would be in a position to draft Mixon or Fournette then. Think this is worth it?

Welsome @kurt_mckenna!!

I would keep CMC. He could be the RB1 at the end of the 2019 season. To me that’s better than Drake and Mixon.

Kurt, welcome to the forums!
I personally would keep CMC. I agree with @fun4willis, he could be RB1. If you are in a PPR league, kelce and CMC looks sooooo good.

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Welcome and I agree with these other fine gents. I’d hold onto CMC!

CMC is my RB2/3 behind only zeke. Keep him. Especially if you can do so for more than one year. As much as I love mixon, the gap between the two is still pretty wide given CMC’s usage and Mixon’s injury history.

As much as I love drake, can’t trust the dolphins org to do anything right.


Nothing new to add, but thought another agreement in keeping CMC might help solidify the public stance here. He should be a stud for you and will balance out your strong TE and solid WR duo.

If anything I might look to land a stud WR. Your two are definitely fine, but if you want to better your squad that position would be where I would look instead of RB.

But I do not think you have to make any moves.