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McCaffery or Howard Half-Point PPR


Long term, who would you rather have long term ?


CMC is on the better team but Howard is clearly the better back. Have seen nothing that tells me that CMC can actually rush effectively at this level. Id lean Howard but its close


Thx for the reply. What about the fact that it’s PPR and CMC caught 80 passes. Howard unfortunately doesn’t catch.


Id lean CMC if it was full ppr, not half though. Howard is the workhorse of Chi and is guaranteed 20+ touches. CMC is fully dependent on receptions.


I love Howards upside this year. He had more TDs last year and only 200 less yards in a horrible offense when the D would always stack the box. With an offensive minded coach and hopefully some outside weapons I think he will have a great year, prob nothing significant in the reception category though.

CMC they obviously didn’t scheme right for running. His college tape shows he can run anywhere. With the new OC and his high pick, I assume they will continue to feature him. This was Cam’s first year trying to throw to the RB too and he has struggled with short passes. I love his upside if he has more running opportunities and Turner did great with Sproles…and McCaffery is bigger and better.


OH no doubt. Like i said, I think theyre very very close. Both have upside and both have their faults. Think each of them can take a step forward next year. Feel like it just comes to preference. Howard probably has the higher floor and Caff with the higher ceiling. Would love to own either of them


Totally agree with the floor/ceiling comparison. I have to be careful due to my fandom. Die hard Panther fan here LOL


I might prefer McCaffrey in standard. Any PPR element, and it’s not even close.


What does the rest of your roster look like? I think the floor/ceiling comment is spot on; so, if you have a steady team, take the ceiling, if you’re boom bust, take the floor.


The is a reasonable approach. I actually think CMC has the higher floor and higher ceiling though, especially with PPR scoring elements.


Don’t mean to sound disrespectful, just genuinely curious… why do you think CMC has a higher floor than Howard?


No worries. I think that because Howard can be game-flowed off the field. I also am not nearly as high on him as a player as a lot of people seem to be. Conversely, I think this season was about the worst case scenario for McCaffrey (other than injury).


Howard is a 2 down back. Cohen should see even more activity with new coordinator and system. I’m not high on Howard in PPR. If the Bears can start to get leads though he could see an uptick in volume.

CMC doesn’t run. Or they’re certainly not scheming for him to run. If timing means anything I’d wait to see if the Panthers do anything to get a true workhorse RB. CMC should see an uptick as Cam learns to check down and put touch on short passes, but consistency wise he was Boom and Bust a bit too much.

If I inherited a team with both I’d look to shop them to people high on theme to fill in voids on roster and setup future drafts. I’d likely keep CMC but shop Howard and see if couldn’t get an elite WR and a more PPR based RB in a package.

All of that being said if this is a trade on the table I’d like to see the pieces, and I’d like to see your current roster. If this is just a player discussion on which one you would chase, I think the floor vs ceiling discussion above my reply hits it properly. For a few years Howard will have a higher floor, unless the OC truly utilizes Cohen properly. Longterm McCaffrey will be a solid PPR flex, with a possibly higher ceiling based on targeting and scheme, but I’d want more elite scoring pieces.


I don’t agree at all regarding CMC not running. He has 117 attempts as the clear number 2 this season. I expect Stewart to be gone and the rushing time share to be closer to an even split with whomever the replacement is. CMC’s rushing efficiency certainly wasn’t good this year, but you have to remember he was on an offense that’s had an extremely hard time running the ball two years in a row. A lot of those problems were due to a bad OC (now fired) and no real threats in the passing game. I don’t love the Norv Turner hire, but he is certainly much better than Shula. I also expect them to address the passing game further.


Roster is
RB: Hunt, Howard, Gallman, Hill
WR: Evans, Baldwin, Westbrook, Samuel, Godwin, Carlos Henderson
TE: Gronk, Njoku

I would throw CMC in my flex and look to fill my WR 3 spot with one of my young guys, a trade, rookie draft, or waivers. Also potentially using Hill or Gallman as bait if they land solid jobs.


DFWB, watching the games live and how the Panthers use CMC, he isn’t much of a running back. He’s the #2 in running, behind Stewart… but that means he’s #3 in running on the team as Newton is their primary running back. For me CMC is mostly a WR playing HB who gets good match ups. I firmly believe if I was the Panthers I’d look for a legit workhorse running back and use CMC as Lightning if Thunder and Lightning is still a thing.

DCghost, CMC in a flex wouldn’t be bad. I wouldn’t give up the farm to obtain him though. Your team looks young. I hope you hit on some goodies in the draft.


You’re welcome to that opinion, but I don’t agree at all. In an actual functional offense, CMC can be a much bigger part of the running game. He was a workhorse in college and ran both inside and outside with tremendous success. I’ve seen nothing that makes me think he can’t do the same in the pros, with good play calling, a good scheme, and competent blocking.


@DFWB lol you’re absolutely right in “In an actual functional offense” … But, they did NOT use him as anything more than a WR and RB3 behind Stewart and Newton. We shall see how the changes go this season. If they upgrade the Oline and make a concerted effort to have running backs do more than Newton in the running game…

Should also note I was super high on CMC, but now I’m just meh with seeing how they didn’t give him the carry and receiving split I initially expected. I’d expect an uptick in season 2, but if I’m the Panthers I’m still looking for a banger more suitable and talented than Jonathan Stewart and that isn’t really knocking Jonathan Stewart, since he’s plenty serviceable. And if they do that, you’re now looking at a committee where McCaffrey would be the receiving Back and sometimes see some carries to keep the defenses honest, and then you’d see goal line and work horse carries go to whomever they draft or sign and Stewart. So again, as a football fan I love CMC. As a fantasy owner, I’m not that high on his scoring potential until the changes happen.


Ok, let’s look at it a little differently. Do you think the receiving numbers go down appreciably (I don’t)? If not, then I think this year has to be considered his floor, and he was better in .5 PPR than Howard was.


Don’t know if you can call a .4 point different “better.” It’s virtually identical. When you stretch that out, it’s a .025 better a game.