McCaffery Trade Veto Dispute?

Hello everyone. I am in a casual / competitive league with my friend from college since 2015. One of our friends has already accepted a jaw dropping trade. Our draft was this past Sunday. Trade was Odell/ CMC for Julio/ Montgomery / Mostert…

This was vetoed pretty quick. I honesty try to stay out of vetos, but these kinds of trades happen each year with the same manager (the guy selling away cmc). Should this type of trading be allowed on an ongoing basis? He has admitted to not knowing a whole lot about what’s going on and makes decisions that seems like he doesn’t care about our league. (Ex: he drafted Hurst in the early 3 rd this year)

Would appreciate thoughts!

I think it depends on what kind of league you want this to be. If you want this to be a casual league I think you should veto this trade and watch over all trades like you are doing for these type of highway robbery trades.

If you would like it to be a competitive league, I would suggest one of two things. Either ask him to listen to a podcast or do some research. Alternatively, you can find someone else to take over his team, I’m sure you could find someone quickly with CMC on the team, but I usually try to educate owners rather than kick them out right.

Depending on the buy-in and format, keeper, dynasty, etc… I’m sure you could easily find a replacement from here if needed too.