Mccaffery vs Ajayi

Keeper league. Ajayi is a 11th round keeper and CMC is a 2nd round. Who would you rather have? Michael Thomas and Evans are my other keepers

CMC. Not close.

No other options? 9 rounds is a pretty big difference. Any chance McCaffrey gets back to you in the 2nd? I don’t know what the other keepers look like.

Ajayi for me. You could reasonably get Caff in the second, maybe third again so I don’t see the point in making him a keeper.

If it’s a three keeper league then wouldn’t CMC potentially be one of the best players available. Unless you have an early pick I don’t know how easily CMC could be reacquired.

Not necessarily. Depends on how their keeper rules work. I guess maybe we need more info. Currently Caff is going late second in redraft. So you aren’t actually gaining much value. So unless multiple people that are better than him are being kept, he isn’t overall valuable

Agreed. I made a few assumptions in the absence of more info.

OP said they were keeping Michael Thomas and Mike Evans. This tells me there is no rule on # of positions kept. (only allowing 1WR, 1RB, 1TE for example)

They also said Ajayi for an 11th. Ajayi was not drafted in the 11th round last year. This must mean OP is using a keeper round from a previous year.

If that is true, then it is likely that other players kept could also be from past years. It is possible that the first three rounds worth of players are kept at their best value from up to 2-3 years ago.

This is what lead me to believe that ADP round 1-3 will be kept. CMC could then become top 2-3 pick for the actual draft.

I wonder if any of this is correct…

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I know I’m in a keeper league where we lose two rounds every year we have a player, for example, I drafted Mike Thomas round 10 his rookie year and will get him round 6 this year. Because of this, the first two rounds of picks we have are not kept and on average, those top 24 picks are still top 24 picks besides the one or two DeMarco Murrays you get. Obviously some of the top talent will be missing (ie Hunt, Thomas, Kamara) but most of the cream of the crop is still left.

All this to be said, more info on this league is the only way I can actually make a good judgement call on this haha.

excellent deduction, thats where i would go with the given info as well. but, i think the value gained is too vast to get past ajayi in the 11th. CMC is an excellent player and i have been trying to get him everywhere i go. but, ajayi should have less than, but similar production with the eagles. and to get him in the flier rounds? its too much to overlook IMO. now with thomas and evans already kept, and an RB2 kept late late late, you can build incredible depth. although my guess is that he will be keeping evans for a 1st. thomas maybe later, or much later if he got him 2 years ago. best senario, evans for a 1st, thomas for a 10th, and ajayi for an 11th. thats pretty nasty.

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We have a 3 keeper league and we get to keep the player the round they were drafted initially up to 3 years. Example: Ajayi was drafted in the 11th round 2 years ago, so he has 1 more year of that keeper round value. CMC was drafted in the 2nd last year so he’s a 2nd round keeper this year. It’s a 10 team standard league. I have Thomas and Evans as 2nd and 3rd round keepers. If I would get CMC I would lose my 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks. if I keep it as I have it now I would lose my 2nd, 3rd and 11th round picks. Does that clear things up?