McCaffrey for Ajayi?

Should I trade Christian McCaffrey for Jay Ajayi?
Edit: this is standard scoring btw, so no ppr. Forgot to mention that.

I would. Everyone believes in McCaffrey cuz of one good game on the ground but I don’t buy it.

Atlanta’s runs defense is atrocious. I remember Dion lewis bashing them for 7 ypc

Gonna piggyback on the responses to this chain, I’m a CMC owner and tried to flip him for Mixon a few weeks back, and also straight up for Alshon, both declined. I play the Ajayi owner this week and I’m just never comfortable flexing CMC and hoping for 70 reception yards or a pitch TD.

Help us out, Footclan!

Ajayi is the play for standard. He has the lanes the size of buses now in Philly. He doesnt need 25 carries to be productive anymore. Also, Cam is the new starting running back for the Carolina Panthers. Only reason not to do this is if you play in a PPR league.

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